Monday, 28 July 2014

Bretonnian xbows & Malifaux hired swords

Right, first up I finally got around to basing that Bretonnian crossbowman from the other weekend. Last week was busy as fuck and that little task fell by the wayside but here he is all done.

I also made a start on another model but progress has been slow due to the summer heat. Come the evening the heat from the day, the lamps and the PC have made my work room pretty bloody awful to sit in never mind trying to paint as well. Thankfully things seem to be cooling down a bit now. I did start out by painting his leggings in the same colours as the first model but it just looked crap. Sometimes a colour scheme doesn't work on a particular model. So now they've been base coated in a nice murky blue which I'd actually had in mind prior to painting the model! Clearly the hot weather affected my judgement there.

Anyway, moving on from my own little project, here's this weeks work.

It's a set of Hired Swords from Malifaux. I have to be honest and say I have no idea about the whole Malifaux game thing. Nice models but the whole punk/goth/steampunk/sexy babes/bondage meets Victoriana seems a bit too much like a mashing together of too many buzzwords and genres. Like I say though, nice models. They're plastics and have nice sharp details which should paint up well. Those eyes are gonna be a pig to do though. Assembly took ages as each model comes in several pieces which is a bit of a ball ache, but at least everything fitted together well (still had to do a bit of gap filling but nothing too much).

Time to break out the black spray.


I've almost finished the first hired sword now. It just needs a little wash on the armoured areas and then it's done. I ended up spending more time on this than intended simply because the model really needed it. Not because it's bad but because the detail is quite small and needs to be done carefully. The pink hair-do is a one off for this model as the others will likely have more natural hair colours. I wasn't sure whether to go with it but it was screaming out to be done pink! Anyway, here's a quick pic.


  1. Well done with the Bretonnian and WOW on the Malifaux chick! That is remarkable for a miniature with such tiny details!


    1. Cheers :)

      Those Malifaux models are a little fiddly in places. Certainly require a lot of concentration (which kills my work rate).

  2. Great Bretonnian!
    Do you drybrush your mail or do you paint it in layers, the same way you paint everything else?

    1. A little from column A, a little from column B. :D

      I overbrush, so a little more paint on the brush than drybrushing. Brush the paint on lightly and build up a few layers, jobs a good 'un. A few washes and a bit of shading here and there helps as well. It might sound a bit of a faff but it's pretty quick.