Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Skaven Warband (Job Done!)

Having finished painting up the last of the Skaven yesterday here's the warband in all its glory.

That last photo shows a ratman from a later era but I'm not sure when the giant rats date from. The shield runes were hand painted this time rather than me being a cheaty McCheat and using decals. It's a pretty straight forward design so wasn't too much hassle to paint. Included in the same commission was also a goat oddly enough. Do Skaven keep goats?

It's been great fun painting these models and I'm really pleased with how they've turned out. It'll be a shame to see them sent back to their owner but that's the way it goes (especially if I want to pay my rent). I've got a few odds and sods to paint this week including what are probably post-apoc models but maybe familiar characters to some (might have to hold off on showing those though) and some 2000AD models. 


  1. Well those are just absolutely fantastic. Great work. The goat's kind of funny.

  2. wow , those rats look fantastic; choice of colour is great and i love those freehands on the shields, awesome!
    Think i´ll have a lot of nice mordheim games and maybe one or two oldhammer games with those, thanks for a splendid job!

  3. Oh, and jap, skaven DO keep goats, sacrificial goats, oh, and scapegoats too!;)

  4. Brilliant work.

  5. Lovely muted colours. Cohesive. Really nice.