Saturday, 28 June 2014

Drow Warband WIP

Just a quick pic of some Otherworld Miniatures drow I'm working on at the moment. I'm about halfway through painting this batch of models (you can see more in the painting queue in the back of the photo) and these will be added to the dryders and giant spiders I painted a little while back. Some of the characters for this lot are from other manufacturers, one from Reaper, another I'm not sure about, and a few resin casts from GF9 (How do manufacture a model sculpted with no consideration for moulding? Cast it in resin of course! Humpff!!!!). I particularly like the Otherworld models as they have a nice old school look to them which of course appeals to my sense of all things Oldhammer (even though they're more D&D inspired).

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  1. Frothworthy.............all my Drow are the old Citadel AD&D ones plus their slotta Dark Elves...wonderful minis. They might even see paint one day :)