Saturday, 14 June 2014

Dredd & Death

Just finished painting these two up but still need to base them. Judges Dredd and Death from Dark World Creations 35mm line. They're resin, good clean castings not requiring a lot of clean up and nice sharp sculpting. There are a few proportion issues with Dredd (arms too short or legs too long?) but Death I can't fault. I'm sure 2000AD aficionados will correct me though.

Comic book style colour, the client asked for a blue uniform and I followed a piece of artwork supplied so no moaning about the whole blue/black issue ;) . Death was shown in a few images with more muted colours and it suited the character well so I went with that to contrast with Dredd. Next week I'll be doing a few Rogue Trooper characters by Mongoose Publishing as part of the same commission.

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