Sunday, 11 May 2014

Various fantasy things

This is a bunch of models from a recent commission. Various odds and sods from different manufacturers and very different eras.

First up, a pair of GW harpies that I showed a quick pic of the other week.

Next, a few Otherworld Miniatures adventurers. I've lost track of how many times I've painted some of these models now. These are slightly quicker paint jobs than the other ones in my gallery.

Then we've got a priest type warrior from Ratnik/LAF Miniatures. Not the best of sculpts to be honest. I quite like the looks of a lot of the LAF models but this one has its faults. The sculpted detail on the cloak is awful. If you're going to sculpt that kind of detail then it really needs to be clean and sharp. Here it's rather wobbly and that just doesn't paint up well. The casting was a bit rough in places too.

Finally a real oldie. Orcus, Prince of Undead by Heritage Miniatures dating back to around 1980 apparently. It stands around 75mm from hoof to wing tip and is one hell of a lump of metal. I enjoyed painting this one even though it took longer than I expected. Sometimes really old models need a bit more care and attention when it comes to painting them.



  1. Wonderful work. Could I borrow the Heritage Orcus pic for the Lost Minis WIKI please?

  2. I love those OtherWorld thieves! I never get tired to look at your new paint jobs on the same models.

    Thanks for the info on the LAM priest model. I want to get him at some stage, but will see how I get on with painting his cloak.


  3. I'd like to give up saying how good your stuff is. But I can't :-(

    1. Keep commenting, it makes it look like people actually visit my blog. ;-)