Saturday, 3 May 2014

Random Platypus and some ramblings

I usually like to keep my blog postings to things I'm working on but occasionally I'll allow myself to babble on about hobby stuff. This time I wanted to point out a new forum site that people might not be aware of. Random Platypus.

Anyway, a little bit of back story. Anyone who's a regular over at Frothers Unite (whether you're one of us loud mouths or just a lurker) will be aware of a few technical issues over there. It was all a bit old and clunky and the site was seemingly powered by hamsters and a complex system of rubber bands. Pretty much every year the hamster would keel over and it would take a few days until someone was able to drag its bloated corpse off the wheel and replace it with a new one.

Almost a year and a half ago the wheel came off and the rubber bands perished. The hamster was well and truly dead and was jamming up the works. Suffice to say Frothers had shit the bed. The site was down for quite a while before it was resurrected in its new shiney form that most people hated (imagine your favourite pub being completely refurbished. It's the same staff, the same bar flies, but it's just not the same). Most of us eventually got used to it although some did walk away.

The problem with Frothers is that there's only one or two people who can actually fix stuff and they have pretty much nothing to do with the site these days (some might say they couldn't give a shit about it). They're also difficult to get hold of and that's one reason why the site was down for so long when it did all fall apart. A few weeks back there was a bit of a spambot invasion and in the absence of a proper spam filter (I don't know how it all works) it was down to a few users with limited admin powers to manually delete each thread of nonsense. This combined with regular server errors making the site inaccessible for short periods of time raised a few questions about the future of Frothers. There's a bunch of users who would happily take on the task of fixing the problems but they'd need access to the gubbins and that doesn't seem likely to happen any time soon.

By way of an experiment Blackfly decided to see just how much work it would be to set up a forum site that was stable. That's Random Platypus and apparently it was pretty quick to knock together. Some Frothers thought Blackfly was just throwing his toys out the pram and was a splitter but it was just to show by example how simple it would be to make Frothers work. I'm not sure if it's had any effect on the guy holding the keys over at Frothers, I'm not part of that inner circle, but Random Platypus looks like it's here to stay. In some ways it is a Frothers MK2 but it's strong enough to stand on its own and a number of users have been working hard adding content through the scouting board in particular. So if you're looking for a straight talking forum where you can say fuck and have an opinion without being banned, sign up and start posting.

Moving on....

I got a pack of models in the post this morning for a commission. It's a set of Rogue Trooper characters from Mongoose Publishing. Nice enough looking models, chunky, well defined and should paint up well. I couldn't help but laugh though when I noticed Rogue's base tab.

Did you spot that? Rouge! FFS schoolboy error or what! Amused me anyway.

That'll do for now I guess. I shall go and do some sort of painting so I can post something new.


  1. Rouge Troopers? Well, that's the new colour scheme sorted :)

  2. Why cannot I see the damn question to register to platypus? ><

    1. Ah! There is that little flaw. The answer is 'oh dear'. Not sure if its supposed to be typed in as one word or two separate ones but that'll do it.

    2. I'm there already, luckly there were some Frothers in the chat room =]
      So seems like FUUK ain't no more?

    3. Frothers is still going but the amount of times the site is down temporarily and the lack of desire to fix things by the guy who can does mean people are using RP more and more. Hopefully Frothers can be sorted out but RP is a good fall back.

    4. Yeah, I quickly browsed users and thread names and it's basicaly Frothers wearing new dress ;)

  3. so that's what "Random Platypus" is! Red text on black SUCKS. Can't read a bit of it.