Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Gierburg gypsies

Time for another bunch of Gierburg characters drawn from various manufacturers. These are the first two models and represent leaders/heroes and are finished apart from the basing so barely a WIP. I love the fat boss type character, his face is really characterful and being somewhat caricatured it was great to paint. I had hoped to have a few more to show by now but I've had to squeeze in a few pieces for Crooked Dice so I'll be back to painting gypsy types later this week. The remaining models will have slightly quicker paint jobs with them being 'rank & file' but expect plenty of stripes and such.


  1. Oh my... jaw just dropped to the floor. Seriously, they are CRAZY cool! Wow!

  2. What Chris said!! Jaw-dropping stuff!!
    I own these models and could not imagine this painting potential on them!!!

    1. Similar to the highmwaymen range from Outpost Wargames - you never realize how great they are until saw this.