Sunday, 20 April 2014

Ladybird spider

Here's the last of the giant spiders painted. I took inspiration for this one from an actual spider that is nicknamed the ladybird spider. I wasn't sure if it was going to look a bit too cute for a big killer spider but now it's done I think it's just as sinister as the others.

Here's a quick shot of all four based up.

They're mounted on 50mm bases but ideally could do with something a bit larger. These are pinned into the body with a single piece of brass rod as there's no other way to do attach them. I had originally thought about fitting the legs so they'd all touch the base edge for stability but that would have meant either having their bodies unnaturally high off the ground and the front legs unable to reach the base or bending the legs to such an extreme that they'd likely snap. Relying on the one pin meant I had to raise the surface of the bases to create a more sturdy base for pinning into. One got a rocky outcrop, two just got raised surfaces and the final one got a tree stump (can't remember the manufacturer). Better pics of them and the driders from last week should get done tomorrow.

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  1. Ha, these are just perfect for Easter because their colourful varied bodies remind me of painted easter eggs. Nice work!