Saturday, 12 April 2014

Driders and a bunch of stuff

It's been a busy week as ever and I've been working on some Otherworld Miniatures Driders. Just a quick pic of them prior to basing. I had intended on having them based up by now but a minor fuck up on my behalf means that'll have to be done later. The bases needed magnetic sheet adding to the bottoms which required the underside filling first. I started using putty but that was getting used up ridiculously fast so I switched to wall filler which was much easier to use and cheaper. After sanding it down I rinsed off all the filler dust and quickly found that water and waterbased filler aren't a good combo. So that needed fixing and hence why the crappy WIP pic rather than nice shiney 'finished' pics.

Last week I also painted up a few new releases for Tsuba Miniatures Russo-Japanese War range. As usual, Paul Hicks on sculpting duties here. There's a pack of Japanese ammo bearers (the pack mule was painted last year) and a set of casualty pieces.

A few weeks back I also painted up a couple of new pieces for Slap Miniatures pewter ponies range. 

I also realised a had pics of a few things that I hadn't added to my gallery or shown yet. Nothing new if you follow the manufacturers or catch all the new releases on the forums, Facebook or what-ever the fuck, but I uploaded those too. There are survivor types from Studio Miniatures and some Sikh Wars models as well.

Next up there are some not-Dr Who models from Crooked Dice and an evil scientist type.

And a set of 15mm mech pilots from khurasan Miniatures.

Quite a pic heavy post there then! Should have better pics of the driders sometime soon plus next week I'm working on some big Otherworld spiders.      


  1. I wasn't sure I liked those driders when I first saw them on the Otherworld Miniatures site, they looked clunky for distorted drow. Too thick in the features, sort of thing. But I like them more now. Any chance of a comparison picture with a drow?

    1. I don't have any drow but I'll certainly do some sort of comparison pic when the driders are all based up.

  2. I intend to send you Otherworld Drow to paint up in the next batch! :)