Monday, 28 April 2014

Bits and bobs

I think I've used that title before but it best sums up this bunch of models. First up there's an old Skaven model, Gnawdoom a Grey Seer. I've always liked the original set of Skaven models from the mid 80's. Some of Jes Goodwin's best work and really paintable.

Next there's a Mermaid by Werner Klocke from Freebooter. I think this was a limited edition model. It was nice to get to paint some naked flesh with this one. I'm sure she's supposed to be singing her siren song but I can't help but think she might also be fellating the invisible man.

Then there's a Roman General from Warlord Games. Not the best sculpt to be honest but it's painted up alright.  

Finally there's a larger model, a 54mm piece from Zealot Miniatures. Captain Xavier. I made the flagstone base myself.



  1. All are wonderful....the captains jacket truely superbly and amazingly subtle and perfect....

  2. Ha ha! The blowing mermaid and the Invisible Man! Priceless!

    Lovely paintjobs as usual. I'm going to check the Skaven on eBay and see if I have any luck...


  3. That captain is exceptionally well done. Wow!