Sunday, 16 March 2014

Bretonnian Brigands (about bloody time!!!)

Frankly I'm amazed. Somehow I've managed to actually paint up a full unit of troops for myself and it's only taken a bit over a year to do! I know it's a piss poor amount of models considering the time span and in comparison to other more productive painters (of whom I'm massively envious) but it's certainly a milestone for me.

Originally I'd planned to paint up all my different units of Bretonnians (yeah right!) in various heraldries just for the sake of variety and I put no more thought into it. Over the months though I've seen a number of people create Bretonnian warbands with a unified heraldry across all the models and in many cases it's the same colours as the knightly hero who's leading them into battle. This made me think that maybe I should do the same. It's a nice idea to have a hero and his retainers in the same colours and a number of such characters and their retinues would still make for a colourful and varied army if used together.

I decided to make this unit a band of brigands because I'm too lazy to come up with a more complex version of the green and white heraldry suitable for a higher ranking Bretonnian noble. A brigand hero though doesn't need a more impressive heraldry (and I'm not likely to go faffing around trying to add insignia to the shields and standard - they're done!). I've got some crossbowmen prepared for painting and when I get around to doing them they'll be done in the same green and white and join the ranks for the brigands. The crossbow just seems a very brigandy weapon so they'll fit in nicely. I've also got lofty ideas of a little minor conversion work on a knight to use as the brigand leader. Also in true Oldhammer fashion I've been thinking up a little bit of back story fluff to go with them. If I somehow manage to get all that done then I've got various models that would make nice additions in the future, some ranger types, a few different warriors and rogues, and maybe some civilians. Perhaps an ogre would fit well and I've got a rather nice wizard, his pet and an interesting character that might be fun to include. I might be getting ahead of myself there though. Anyway, for now here's my first unit of Bretonnian brigands.

Most of the models are 3rd edition WFB Bretonnians from around 1990/91 (bought back in 'the day') but one thing the Perry's never bothered to sculpt were musicians. Standard bearers are usually an easy conversion but musicians are another thing entirely. Thankfully the 5th edition models from the mid 90's fit well so I included a drummer. That still left only 9 models so after a bit of a gamble on Foundry's ex-Citadel men-at-arms castings I found one suitable model to fill the gap (the one with a double handed axe and wearing a kettle helmet). I should point out that 14 of the 16 models I bought were too small to sit comfortably with the rest of the unit so anyone thinking of combining models from different eras should bear that in mind.

One thing that has helped to keep my focus on finishing the unit is the movement tray I bought from Warbases. Being a slightly obsessive sort and needing things to be nicely ordered and complete (I wouldn't say I'm on the spectrum though ;) ) having those gaps in the movement tray that needed filling certainly kept me going.

I added various grass tufts and leaves to match the bases of the models. I wasn't sure whether I'd over done it a bit but I'm happy enough with the end result and the models look good with it.

There are a few other pics of the models in my Oldhammer gallery.


  1. Wonderful paintwork (on some great old figures that still stand up to today's standards). Love the subtle tones and that 'white' recipe is fantastic.
    Well worth the year's work!

  2. Great work as always... extremely coherent. I like :)