Friday, 14 February 2014

Proper Pics!

Time for those better photo's of the Gierburg stuff I was promising earlier in the week. So here they are:

Spot the look-a-likes in these? No? Town crier perhaps a current day Ted Nugent and the bald guy is the spit of Tony Reidy from Defiance Games I reckon.

Most of the models are Outpost Wargame Services models, a few Foundry, a couple of Front Rank and the jesters Freebooter and Scibor respectively.

Next job in the queue is to repaint these bad boys (moody lighting not intentional):

I also received a few old blisters of models from a recent Ebay purchase.

Not just High Elves, but Melniboneans, and spearmen to boot! 12 of the buggers and 3 Elrics (if anyone is looking for an Elric The White Wolf from the old Eternal Champion range drop me a line). Whilst some people collect unopened blisters I'm not one of them. These will be gleefully torn open at some point and their silvery contents added to the lead pile. With the added Melniboneans I've picked up in recent weeks it might be time for another pic of them all. Guess I should think about trying to paint some!

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