Monday, 17 February 2014

Oni and a Bretonnian!

I've started work on the AT-43 Oni force and the first three models are done bar the varnishing and basing. I thought I'd start off with a few of the simpler models just to make a bit of head way with things. I'm not really sure what these kind of zombie type chaps are supposed to be or why they have dumb bells instead of hands but they've painted up quite nicely.



I've also returned to an old model that's been sitting around almost finished for many months. Anyone who has been following my blog for a while will possibly remember this guy. He's the standard bearer for the little unit of brigands I was painting up. I'd kind of hit a bit of a block with the banner and that ended up killing my interest in finishing the model and the unit. I just couldn't paint the banner well enough. Every attempt I made I just fucked it up so it's been gathering dust since. Anyway, this weekend I decided to have another stab at the bloody thing. I reduced the size of the banner a little and the length of the pole. My first attempt last year had the banner glued in place (it was made out of tin, a tomato puree tube in fact) and that made it really awkward to paint. This time i dry fitted it, shaped it and then mounted it on a piece of spare brass rod to paint which worked much better. The standard top was press moulded from a 5th edition Bretonnian standard. Only a quick pic for now so the lighting seems to have washed out the standard a little but you get the idea.

With this piece done I'm only two models off having the ten man unit complete so with that bugbear out of the way I might have the other models painted up sometime soon. I also just need to paint up another three foot knights to have that ten piece unit complete too. I'm not far off having the backbone of a little warband done then! A few archers and crossbowmen have been prepped and waiting for pretty much the past year as well. I'll see how long my enthusiasm lasts. 

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