Friday, 31 January 2014

More Gierburgians

I know my blog updates have dropped off over the past week or two but I have been busy all the same. There'll be pics of things to show later once I'm allowed to do so. Recently though I've been painting another batch of models for Cianty's Gierburg, which has provided a nice change of pace for me and a bit of a rest from the more demanding sculpts/paint jobs that have comprised much of my output for what seems like ages. These are mostly Outpost Wargame Services models (I think) and I forget the brands of those that aren't. Really enjoyable models to paint up.


  1. they look Terrific! Great color choices.

    Hey I have stumbled into a set of old Brets and I have some duplicates...if you are still looking for some footknights/retainers let me know maybe we can fill holes in eachothers collections.