Sunday, 5 January 2014


I've been a little bit slow in updating this piece. The whole Christmas and new years palava was clearly more of a distraction than I expected, and I barely celebrate either! Plus I did have to re-work some of the flesh on the model as my first attempt at tattoos didn't work out. I went for quite bold shapes that stood out far too much and they just didn't suit the character. So, they got overpainted and a new set painted in that are a lot more subtle. Admittedly I still have a lot to learn when it comes to painting tattoos. I might have to start trawling the web and compile a collection of tattoo reference material suitable for transposing onto models (as interesting as a vagina tattooed with a sunburst might be it's not as useful as some bog standard celtic knot work). Anyway, here's a quick pic of Gotrek.


  1. Looks good mate! I prefer my tattoos to be subtle and you you nailed it. I personally leave them off because they are not a part of slater lore I care for...but yours look great. This model has a slightly less natural pose compared to Felix....but that's certainly not your fault.

  2. Amazing, as usual, SCL :-) The tattoos came out nicely and the detail on his beard and hair is great!