Friday, 3 January 2014

Blood Bowl Hobgoblins

These buggers seem to have been sitting around on my desk for ages. The thing that stalled them was I wanted to add player numbers using decals and I'd run out of decal paper. When the paper turned up I ended up trying a few different font sizes which wasted a bit of time (printing, waiting for ink to dry fully, double coating with decal fix, trying them out and then scrapping them and starting again...). It's a lot of messing around but I'm now happy with the font size and I think it's still proven quicker and less hassle than trying to hand paint them. The font I used was a free font (I can't remember from what website) and it's called 'Allstar'. I printed the number on clear decal paper which meant I had to paint in the white but that wasn't too much trouble.

You can't see player number son two of the models but they are there on the rear of their shoulder pads.


  1. They look great. What kind of decal fix do you use?

    1. Microscale Industries Inc Liquid Decal Film. Most model shops carry it. It's best to leave the printed decal sheet to dry fully before applying the film otherwise the ink can bleed (I leave it over night just to make sure it's totally dry). I guess if you can spray it on then that would be best but I brush it on quickly with a soft brush trying not to over work it as that can also make the ink bleed. Two coats ensures good coverage. When you soak the decal to use it it's best to leave it just long enough for it to loosen from the backing paper otherwise it can get saturated and the ink might begin to bleed. Of course this is all avoided if you have a laser printer rather than an inkjet.