Sunday, 29 December 2013

Felix finished (?)

I was rather hoping to have the Blood Bowl hobgoblins ready to show today but after deciding I wanted to change the decal size of some of the player numbers I hit a right royal pain in the arse when my printer decided to fuck up. So after a wasted afternoon trying to figure out what was wrong I haven't quite got all the hobgobs done. Anyway, I did manage to do the base work on Felix (which wasn't much of a job really). I'm a little undecided as to whether it's completely done though. I painted the sculpted lichen on the rocks and I'm always a bit unsure about then combining that with nylon grass tufts. Sometimes it looks ok but not always (a bit like painting sand green for grass and then sticking tufts or patches of static grass on top - bit of a 'no-no' in my book). I'll leave it up to the client.


  1. Ditto! Looks great, especially the highlighting on the ... well, everywhere!