Sunday, 22 December 2013

BB Hobgobs & Barbarian

Yet again I've gotten a little lax on posting updates here. I bought a new PC a few weeks ago to replace my horribly low spec laptop, the idea being that a new, fast machine would help make posting stuff online a lot easier (my old laptop was painfully slow). However, having a PC that can run the latest games on full settings has meant that I've been all too easily lured away from what I should be doing in favour of running around in Battlefield 4. Anyway, here's what I've been up to recently:

First off, those Blood Bowl hobgoblins are still sitting around. I had to leave them whilst I waited for some more decal paper to arrive as I wanted to print off player numbers for each model. Thankfully the paper turned up the other day and I just need to coat my print offs with a bit of decal film before I can use them. Once that's done I'll add some grass to the bases and paint a few white lines here and there for pitch markings.

Next is a quick pic of a finished model, a barbarian from Avatars of War (not CMON like I originally thought for some odd reason).

A good excuse to do plenty of tarnished metals. Once I get around to doing more articles (yet again a new years resolution) I think showing how I do metallics could be a useful one. Tomorrow I'll be cracking on with GW's Felix and then his companion Gotrek (not in the same day though! I'm not that quick a painter). There's some bird called Ulrika to be painted too. Anyway, BF4 is calling.... 


  1. Stunning work on the Barbarian! Its an Avatars of War figure - will take it as inspiration for mine still sitting in the blister box...

    1. You know, I should have realised it was an AoW model, I've got the bloody blister pack it came in here! LOL I don't know what I'm on about these days. Must be early senility.