Monday, 9 December 2013

15mm from Khurasan Miniatures

I recently painted up a set of new 15's for Khurasan, a Prohibited Non-Human Enforcement team as part of their sci-fi line. They were rather fun to paint and have the right level of 'chunk' for my liking (in these smaller scales a bit of chunkiness really helps I reckon).

The official blurb nicked from TMP:

"Prohibited Non-Human Enforcement teams who hunt down and eradicate PNHs (aliens who are not SNHs (sanctioned non-humans)) from urban and megurban areas of Core Federal Space.

The teams are made up of "Vyborgs," Vitros who have been machine- and computer- enhanced. (More on the Vitros next year -- entire battalions of Vitros are fielded by the Federal Army.)

As PNHs usually hide out in the seedier areas of Federal Megurbs, PNHE teams dress like urban thugs in order to blend in as they carry out their grim task. As combat is usually up close and personal they are generally armed with very powerful handguns, but usually one marksman with a long weapon is in each team."

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