Sunday, 17 November 2013

A few more adventurers

Well, I'm gradually working my way through this commission and after having to squeeze in a few other jobs I'm close to finishing everything. Just a few mules and familiars left to go. Some of these models have taken a bit longer to paint than I first expected, the overladen adventurer with all his gubbins and wot-not on his back being one such model. I'm quite pleased with how they've turned out though.The two mercenary types are from Otherworld Miniatures and the female warrior I think is a CMON model.

Usually when I come to paint a model the 'character' that comes across in the sculpt can help to influence my colour choices. With the female fighter my intial idea was that of a barbarian what with the furs and skimpy outfit. I was thinking of warm browns, pale skin, blonde hair and a nice shiney silver sword. Perhaps a bit of a cliched colour scheme but that's what I got from the sculpt. As I looked at her more though I began to see that I could do something a little different. The runesword reminded me a little of Stormbringer (the black blade carried by Michael Moorcock's anti-hero Elric), the dragon skin loin cloth and teeth suggested something reminiscent of a dark elf and it looked like I could paint stockings on her legs which seemed a bit goth. With that in mind I decided to drop the blonde hair in favour of black, the over all colour scheme would be darker with tarnished metals and she got her stockings and black runesword. The biggest change to what I normally do was with the skin tone. I wanted something a little different but without making her look totally alien (an Elric like albino was tempting, as was a blue-ish dark elf but they would have been a bit much). I normally use a base mix of VMC Tan Earth with a spot of VGC Beasty Brown and then highlight with more Tan Earth and then VGC Bonewhite which gives a nice muted and natural looking light skin. With this piece I decided to use a base mix of VMC Beige Red (a rather bright pinkish skin tone I think) and a spot of VGC Hexed Lichen (purple to you and me). Highlights used more Beige Red and then my usual Bonewhite (plus a little white at the end). It's nothing too extreme but I think it fits the model quite well and certainly makes her look a little different to the other characters. Is she human, elven or half-something...?

Dodgy photo time...

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