Sunday, 13 October 2013

Blimey! It's been a while.

Pretty much the best part of a month since my last post but I have been busy as ever. Most of what I've painted in recent weeks has been stuff that I couldn't show immediately so that's largely why the lack of updates. I've not done much of my own stuff either and I ended up having the best part of a week off sick (which completely fucked everything up schedule wise). Anyway, I did manage to find a little time this weekend to finish off a Bretonnian knight that has been sitting almost done on my desktop for bugger knows how long. 

The main reason it's taken me so long to get it done is that I was fucking about with homemade decals again. I'd decided quite a while back that I wanted this guy to have a black eagle on a white (well, off-white) background. If it was just going to be the shield design I might have had a stab at freehanding it, although to be honest that wasn't the awkward bit as far as the decal was concerned. What really made things difficult was that I wanted the exact same heraldry displayed on the knight's tabard. There was no way I was going to try and paint three identical eagles (shield and front and back of the tabard) so I thought with a bit of clever resizing and plenty of micro sol I should be able to use decals for the lot. Ultimately it was a success (although I'm never 100% happy) but it did involve far more messing around than I thought. He looked a bit colourless though so I pepped up his base with some nice red posies. I quite like the contrast of having armoured knights trampling through dainty flowers. I wasn't sure about using them at first but then I saw a history series on Youtube with some little bald fella talking about medieval warfare (can't remember his name but he knows all about weapons and tactics from that era). He was in France explaining about such and such a battle that took place in the Hundred Years War and he was tramping through fields that hadn't changed much since and they were full of wild flowers which convinced me it was perfectly reasonable that men might bludgeon one another to death in such a serene landscape.

I also picked up a Warbases movement tray which I think I'll use to display my knights in. It's nothing special and I don't intend to make anything of it other than to texture and decorate it to match the model bases. I thought if I had a tray with 'x' amount of holes in it it might encourage me to paint enough models to fill each space and therefore give me a little unit to aim for. I know that doing a few small units was always my intention but I find it far too easy to get distracted so hopefully this will remedy that. Blurry photo time...

As you can see, not far off a 10 man unit here. The knight in the middle will be the unit leader. I've had him since I was teenager (like the other knights on show) and I always thought he made a good hero what with his ornate helm and commanding pose. The other unpainted knight used to have a spear and a crap helmet crest. I do have the same model in the old lead pile but he's intact. This one though I removed the crest many years ago just as an easy way of making it look a little different to the other one. More recently I thought he'd be a good standard bearer so I clipped off his spear and that'll be replaced with brass rod and a flag when I'm happy with my flag making/painting. The gap in the tray will be filled with a 5th edition musician when I can get hold of the one I want. Both the standard and the musician's tabard will display the hero's heraldry.


  1. Yet again I am disgusted by the outstanding quality of your painting :-) You really must do a walk-through of some of your painting techniques.

    1. I've been intending to do some articles for ages but there is a tendency for other things to end up taking precedence. I really could do with getting some done though to add a bit more 'value' to my website and blog.

  2. Exactly, I'd say your painting is depressing and motivating at the same time.
    First I want to cut my hands for not being able to paint 10% this good.
    Second, I want to sew them back and improve to do honor to models the way you do.
    10men is a reasonable size for a unit to have a mass effect and not have too much work.

    1. If you're going to chop your hands off make sure you replace them with nice chunky bionics, preferably with a few Jokaero digital weapons equipped. ;-)

      I've also almost got a 10 man unit of retainers done. Again it's just a case of getting the command models painted. The main thing that's stalling me is the standards though. I can make flags, I'm just struggling with the painting of them for some reason.