Sunday, 15 September 2013

Pulp Nazis

I had to photograph a couple of bits today so I decided to get a decent shot of these guys at last. Pulp Figures Stahlmask & Doom Squad. 

I'm still working on a set of Otherworld Adventurers (just 5 models this time) and have 4 down and 1 to go so there should be a few more pics next week of these. My own projects have stalled somewhat. I'm still trying to finish a Bretonnian knight but having a pig of a time with my homemade decals. I've also managed to sidetrack myself and started painting an old Alternative Armies Ion Age Retained Knight Baron last night. Whether I finish either models anytime soon remains to be seen.


  1. Great work as usual. And man I'm looking forward to seeing some new Otherworld figures from you! Love those every time!

    1. Thanks chaps :)

      The Otherworld models I'm working on at the moment are nothing new really. Another set of models from the first adventurers set (the Kev Adams sculpts) and painted very much like the other models I did. I do have a box of the third lot of adventurers to do for a client though so hopefully I should get onto those soon.