Thursday, 19 September 2013

Pewter Ponies

Fancy something a little different? A change from space marines, zombies or all that's Tolkienesque? Slap Miniatures have got their first Kickstarter project underway and this one's surely going to appeal to all you closet bronies. Little ponies with big eyes and colourful tails (if you paint them so). I painted up this set of 12 models not long ago and I have to admit they were rather fun to do. It was a great excuse to use colours that I don't get to use that often. Also with the models being nice, simple sculpts they're just so easy to paint up. Anyway, take a look and see if the project takes your fancy.

Slap Miniatures Pewter Ponies Kickstarter.


  1. Where are my chaos ponies?

    Great PJ on what I believe was a refreshing range!

  2. I could see getting these for my daughter...

  3. I've seen these posted on various sites recently and kept thinking: Is this some community-wide inside joke I am not getting?

    Didn't know you painted them. You definately did a great job there.

    1. They're certainly something a little different. In recent years there's been quite a lot of cutesy stuff released by different companies (possibly aimed more at women and children?) and I guess Slap have spotted a potential gap in the market. It'll be interesting to see how the Kickstarter goes.