Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Another set of OW adventurers

Like the title says really. Similar colour schemes as previous paint jobs and I stuck with the same decal as used on the second paladin's shield as I think it works really well (plus I already had a bunch printed off). Fenris resin bases on these this time. 

Kind of a relief to have them out the way at last as most of these models are my third paint jobs of them and I think I've painted four copies of the assassin! Onto something a little different next but I'm not sure if I can say what they are just yet so they'll have to remain a secret for now. Hopefully I'll have time later today to have another go at fitting the decals I printed up onto my Bretonnian knight. It's almost finished but the whole decal debacle has seen the damn thing sitting on my laptop for bloody ages it seems. If I can't get these decals to sit right today I'm going to scrap the design (an eagle I nicked off the internet) and go with a simple cross instead which might prove easier. There's also that Alternative Armies model I started which I'd like to make a little more progress with. There's just not enough time in the day!


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    1. Thanks David :)

      I just hope no one wants another set painted anytime soon lol