Saturday, 17 August 2013

Various sci-fi models

Time for another update to show what I've been daubing recently. I'm rather aware of what seems to be my lack of more regular updates but some of what I've been painting over the last month can't be shown just yet. There's also my lack of a permanent photography set up which makes taking pics (at least better pics than my shakey WIP shots) a bit more of a drawn out procedure. The biggest issue though is shitty technology. My current laptop is horribly outdated now and chugs along at it's own merry pace which is far too slow to be practical. That 1GB memory and old single core processor is just crippling and it takes me ages to do things. Hopefully at some point I'll get something better sorted out, ideally a custom build to avoid all the crap that an off the peg machine comes bundled with. Anyway, enough bitching and onto the piccies...

This commission was for a mixed bag of different sci-fi models. I showed the AT-43 Medics previously but here are better images of them.

Next there's a pair of Judge Dredd Judge Impersonators from Mongoose or is it Warlord now?

And finally some pieces from Antenociti's Workshop. A couple of hover bike racers and monowheels (not sure if they make riders for the monowheels yet... ). There are additional pics of the monowheels in my sci-fi gallery.



  1. Great stuff! Fun to see a Judge Dredd mini as I am myself painting an old Citadel Judge on a Lawmaster bike at the moment /Hans

    1. I used to have a few Citadel JD models years ago. Wish I hadn't sold them now. Familiar story I guess.

  2. Fantastic stuff! Love the wheels!

  3. Great as always, the hover bikes are especially well designed, they reaaly look like they're lifting the models on top, not like the models are holding them between their thighs. The contrast on your PJ make them look great for race bikes, maybe some commercial logos or things of the sort could be nice like on racecars.

    The monowheel is looking very good especially the rubber which is very great looking. (South park fans will think of IT)