Wednesday, 7 August 2013

New Studio Miniatures & some old AT-43

Anyone who gets the Studio Miniatures newsletter/email will have seen these models by now. First up is a set of zombie hunting survivors going by the name of the Z-Squad sculpted by Paul Hicks.

These next models were probably shown a little while back now but I'm terrible at keeping up to date with what's going on (partly laziness and partly because I spend all my time looking at stuff that went out of production long ago - ahh... nostalgia). These are Sikh officers from Studio's Sikh Wars Kickstarter campaign and they're sculpted by Stephen May. The campaign ends on 25th August so there's still time to get on board.

This week I started work on a varied bunch of sci-fi models for a client. Bit of an odds and sods collection I suppose. I decided to kick off with three old Rackham AT-43 models that needed repainting. I never got in on AT-43 although the models did look rather good, especially for pre-painted plastics. Now having seen a few up close, they're certainly very good sculpts but the paint jobs are just shit! I wasn't expecting anything too stunning but clearly Rackham did a lot of work to the models that were shown in Cry Havoc etc. Anyway, the models I've got are three medics (UNA?) and I've got before and after pics.  

I replaced the bases with standard slottas as per the client's instructions. I just need to texture them and then they're done. It's tricky to photograph white on the fly but I think they've come out ok. I'll do better pics once the bases are done. I spent a little longer than intended on these, for no reason in particular I just got wrapped up in them (bloody obsessive behaviour!).

I've got a couple of Judge Dredd models by Mongoose to do tomorrow and then I'm onto a few bikes and riders from Antenociti's Workshop.


  1. Great painting. The AT-43 stuff looks especially nice.