Monday, 24 June 2013

Still doing stuff

It's been a little while since my last update but I am still painting, just not had much I can show just yet. I finished off another Otherworld halfling over the weekend though.

I'll be doing a few more OW models this week so I should have a few more updates as the week progresses.

A couple of weeks back I finished another Bretonnian retainer for my little warband. Slow going trying to find the time to really get these done but I'm going to keep plugging away at them and try and get another 20 or so done to give me a good selection of different models.

I also converted a spare knight to be the unit standard bearer. Conveniently this model had already had the axe cut away by the previous owner so all I had to do was drill out the hands. I've not made that many standards over the years and I went and glued the pole in place before painting which wasn't the best idea. The fleur de lys ferrule was press moulded with Greenstuff from another standard top and 'cast' in Milliput. For the banner I've gone with metal sheet (from a tomato puree tube). I've always liked how you can shape a metal banner far better than a paper one but the downside is that you have to do that prior to painting it. Shouldn't be a problem in this case as the banner design is just the same simple green and white halves as worn by the retainers.

I was going to have a break from painting green and white and move onto doing some more foot knights for the sake of variation but I might push on and do this guy next and then a 5th edition musician just so I can say this unit is fiished (until I get those elusive models to expand the ranks).


  1. and still doing stuff very well, great work as usual truly love seeing your work
    Peace James