Wednesday, 5 June 2013

LAM Jesters

Last two models from this batch destined for Giergburg. A pair of rather unsavoury Lead Adventure Miniatures jesters. 

I also did a quick pic of the various highwaymen types I've painted all together.


  1. Wow--

    I'm stunned.

    These minis are so cool. I love what you have done with the jesters! Those patchwork clothes look awesome. They have the perfect creepy look, exactly how I imagine the Gierburg jesters.

    And that Highwaymen group shot is also totally awesome to look at.

    Very outstanding work, Simon!

  2. Amazing work! Lovely colours on the jesters!

    It will be great to see this crowd menacing the streets of Gierburg!


  3. Aye those Jesters are cracking, thanks :)

  4. The jesters are really great!!! I checked out LAM and they had really nice minis. Thx /Hans