Friday, 17 May 2013

Pele and Bounty Hunter

Just a few quick snaps of things. I finished Pele off yesterday (ooer missus). I'll take 'proper' photo's at the weekend.

I used Silflor Moss Pads (2mm grass tufts) for the patchy grass as I wanted to paint the white line on and any longer tufts or static grass would have made that a little harder and possibly not look so good.

I've also nearly finished a scratchbuilt piece for Cianty's Gierburg project. Cianty did the sculpting and used a pre-cast head. I think he said it was his first and probably last attempt at sculpting but I think it's come out really well considering.


  1. Great stuff! It looks like Pele!

  2. Love the Pele figure - who makes him please?

    1. It's a one off sculpt as far as I know. This is the original 'grey' so it's the one and only!