Sunday, 12 May 2013

Otherworld & Crooked Dice stuff painted

Well I finally finished the last of the Otherworld adventurers the other day so they're all based and photographed now. 

Whilst these paintjobs did seem to take quite a while to get done there was a brief break in the middle of doing them where I did a few pieces for Crooked Dice. Here we've got Lancelot Cray of United Radionics, his henchman Lionel and the somewhat radioactive Man in the Lead Lined Suit (with a bit of dodgy Photoshoppery you can see the alternate helmeted version as well).



  1. Awesome work! The Otherworld figures are fantastic. There's so much going on with all the details and colours.

    The faces on the CD figures are phenomenal. So good.

  2. I just don't know how you can churn this out, this fast, to this standard.
    I know folks who can paint fast ... I know folks who can paint well ... but theres not many folks who can paint this fast, this well. You amaze me.

    1. The ever looming bills are always good motivation ;)

      I think redzed said it best on either Frothers or LAF when he pointed out that full time painters and sculptors work 80 hour weeks for minimum wage. lol

  3. Drop dead gorgeous painting .Those Otherworld sculpts are special too

  4. Wow - each one look great on its own and together they look even better. /Hans