Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Bits and bobs...

Had the day off today as it was my girlfriend's birthday so to try and shake off that nagging concern about not getting any work done here are some quick snaps of things I'm working on or have finished recently.

First up is another Zombicide paint job.

I'm also still working on this sculpt of Pele (by Paul Hicks). Still need to do the hair and paint on the shirt number and stripes. That's the first job for tomorrow! This is a one off sculpt so I also took a quick and slightly blurry photo of the original sculpt before I starting daubing. It was really odd not having to clean up mould lines. All miniatures would be like that in an ideal world.

I also finally managed to finish off another of my Bretonnians. This one took a bit longer to sort out as I decided I really wanted some arrows sticking in the shield and the ground. I made them from dress making pins with tiny pieces of plastic sheet for flights. The arrow head of the one that's pierced the shield was made from Greenstuff and was more fluke than design.

Finally there's a group shot of all the OW adventurers I finished off last week. Someone asked if I had a pic of all the models together and I had but I thought they were all badly lit or focused. Turns out one wasn't too bad so here it is.


  1. more stunning work I love your style smooth and bright
    Peace James

  2. Those Otherworld adventurers look fantastic!

  3. As always, everything looks amazing. Really like the Bretonnian with the arrow in his shield! Great group of adventurers too :-)


  4. Fantastic figures, that Bretonnian is superb.


  5. Great football player! I wish I had your skills to paint such whites.

  6. Lovely Otherworld shot, it'll be one of those classic pics we all remember one day :)