Thursday, 25 April 2013

Thrud the Barbarian

I had to do a few photo's earlier and while the camera still had a little life left in the battery I decided to grab something from my meagre display cabinet and snap that too. Being on a bit of an Oldhammer thing recently I chose my old Citadel Thrud the Barbarian model which I think I painted around 2002-ish. He's a bit shiney and not everything about the paint job is up to my current standards but I'm not going to go changing things on it (at least not today ;) ). I was going for something old school with the base so Milliput plants and sand painted as grass were the order of the day. I might give him a coat of proper matt varnish sometime.


  1. I can see the difference between this and your current work. Your highlights come up higher now and your levels of shading are much more complex. But you know, I think this guy looks smashing. As always, I am impressed with your basing.

    Thank you