Saturday, 13 April 2013

More nostalgia... Melniboneans

I've had a small pile of models sitting around in need of stripping for a while now and having just added a few more pieces to the pile I decided it was time to get them cleaned up. Amongst all the old school goodness were a dozen or so Citadel Melniboneans. Being a Michael Moorcock fan I'm always drawn to any models that represent characters from his novels. Like most things that I end up obsessing about I first saw these models in the old Citadel catalogue (was it catalogue 1 or 2?) back in what I like to call 'the day'. GW eventually lost the Eternal Champion license but still kept the Melniboneans in production for years afterwards as High Elves. Over the years I've grabbed what I could off Ebay, rarely getting any bargains though as these models don't appear in large numbers and are quite desirable it seems. I know they're not to everyones liking but people who do like them, really like them and bidding can get a bit silly at times.

Anyway, with everything cleaned up (bar that bloody spearman I forgot) I decided to see exactly what I've got. This is what I've amassed so far...

5 Heavy Lancers with horned helms
9 Heavy Lancers with plain helms
6 Heavy Cavalry with hand weapons
17 Archers
11 Heavy Infantry with axes
12 Heavy Infantry with maces
5 Spearmen
10 Swordsmen with two blades
6 Swordsmen to be converted to swords and shields
4 Characters: Elric, Tanglebones, Yrkoon and Dyvim Tvar

There are a few gaps and some bits and pieces I'd like to add. There's another axe wielding cavalryman variant I'd like for completion's sake and a mounted Elric. 2 or 3 extra archers would be nice (I've got 1 I've painted but I'm not 100% happy with the colour scheme) as would more spearmen which seem to be the less common of all the models on Ebay. Another 5 would do but 15 would be amazing. Another 4 swordsmen would be handy too. I had a few of those models where the smaller blade had snapped off and whilst I could fix some, one or two are missing. I realised it would be easy to convert those models to accept a shield instead so decided to create another unit for the sake of variety. I've converted one model which simply involved cutting the hand away and gluing it back in place in a slightly different position to look more natural with a shield. I'll do the others if I ever get around to painting this lot.

I've also got some Elves that will fit in nicely as Melnibonean proxies so there are two more units of heavy lancers and some horse archers I could add. There's also the Dragon Masters dragon and rider in the lead pile that would be a nice centre piece and I've got all the rider variants and their horrendous looking horses so that would give a few more characters.

I don't know when or if this lot will get painted so for now I'll just soak up the nostalgia and dream of what might be.


  1. That is a great collection - looking forward to see them painted. Am a big Moorcock fan myself and have read all the Enternal champions book and have a nice little collection of Citadel Eternal Champion minis. /Hans

  2. Thanks Don. I did paint a couple of models a few years ago but I'm not 100% happy with the colour scheme.

  3. Cracking little lot, not sure I've seen a collection of these painted for many years, good luck :)