Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Pike & Shotte rabble

The beginnings of my next commission here. Some ECW types from Warlord Games. A characerful bunch of rogues getting all frothy led by an agitator.

I have to admit that the casting quality was a bit hit and miss on these models. Some were pretty good whilst others were bordering on awful in places (the two models advancing with pitchforks in particular!). Warlord need to make sure they clean their master castings properly as some of the lumps of metal that needed trimming off looked like bits of vent sprue had been moulded into the production mould. At times I thought I was cleaning up West Wind stuff!

The models will be based on resin cobblestone bases so I trimmed off the integral bases and after all the general clean up this is what I've got left:

There's got to be at least another model's worth of metal there. If I posted it off to Warlord do you think they'd send me another model?

This lot should start seeing paint soon which I'm looking forward to.


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