Saturday, 30 March 2013

NWF Afghans

Whenever I type NWF I always think of NSFW and wonder if anyone else thinks the same and wonders what NSFW Afghans might be.

Anyway... moving along, I finished the command models for this little set so here's a group shot of the Afghan marauders.

I added the flag and pole myself and took a bit of artistic licence with the design (I cheated and made up a decal as I'm damned if I can paint all twiddly like). Seems to fit in ok. Hopefully these will be available next week sometime from Studio Miniatures. When I can I'll add additional pics to my gallery


  1. Excellent paint job! Your pics have inspired me to finish my own collection for the Frontier. What rules do you play with?
    - Mark

  2. Nice looking bunch. Great brushwork.

  3. Cheers :)

    @Anonymous: These are a commission for Studio Miniatures so I don't know the period too well and haven't done any gaming since I was a mere teenager. It would be nice to roll the old dice again.

  4. Beautiful as usual. They really came out great!